…will be BIG!

Hello everybody.
I’ve always want to know how to get some thing for free, is it possible…hmmm. Well it is, if you look on right place, because there is a lot thing on Internet where they are telling you it’s FREE, but the real truth it’s not really, you have to do that, do this, bla, bla. Well here we will try to provide you paid things for free and if we find some giveaways we will post here too.

So let’s start. I’ve started this site on September 4, 2019. Before that i worked in one SEO company, our main goal there was to make website appear on Google Search Engine as fast as possible, to rank high. There i have picked some tricks and tips, i must say i very useful tricks. But that was not enough, so i bought this Ebook, well that was something, right after i read this book, i started to gain some serious ranking, my every post was showing on 1st page of Google. 1st page, yeaaa :).

Now i will show you proof and some stats of my site 😉

Here you can see the date i created my domain:

Date i write this post is: October 6, 2019. So it was month ago and for that time i published 21 posts. I started to use tips from this book and apply it on my website. I thought it’s not possible to rank so high, because my domain and site is new and competition is very high these days, so i thought “I will give it a year to at least one post to rank on first page of Google Search.

But that was not the case, after 15 days, i started to gain organic traffic, then i went to check and search for some mine posts on Google and then i saw every post was on 1st page of Google Search:

For now it’s all going great, we will what will happen in future and i only have 21 post, what will happen when i post 100, well that will be something 🙂

I will keep you updated with my journey, see you soon.

This is the ebook i used to learn these tricks and tips, it’s not so expensive and trust me you will benefit a lot!