Malwarebytes 4.2.0 License Key Premium (NEW)

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Malwarebytes 4.2.0 License Key Premium (NEW)

Malwarebytes 4.2.0 License Key is a utility which purpose is to destroy various malicious software from your computer. Also the authors of this utility were famous at the time for such developments as AboutBuster, RogueRemover and some others, now they offer us this reliable tool for identifying and subsequently removing any pests from the system.

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Malwarebytes 4.2.0 License Key has a module responsible for real-time scanning of Windows, so system security will be protected around the clock, this is of course a big plus, as some utilities work only after you activate the scanning process. Once talking about scanning, then this awesome app can do this manually, you mark the letters of the hard drives of interest and then wait for the end of the process, which by the way can be completely controlled.

Just the last feature is the key for this anti-virus application. Its architecture is built in such a way that working together with a full-time antivirus only increases the effectiveness of both protection tools, without interfering with each other. Also the additional antivirus utility is armed with all the necessary tools: a full scan of the hard disk using heuristic technology to search for unknown threats, real-time protection, an Internet shield and more.

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Malwarebytes License Key is a new version of the program from the creators of RogueRemover Pro, AboutBuster and other popular utilities that can find and remove a variety of malicious programs. In addition the program uses a heuristic scanning method, capable of real-time monitoring of the security of the system as a whole. It is also possible to fully scan all drives. In addition, this program includes additional utilities designed to remove malware manually.

Main Features:

  • Support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • Quick scan
  • Full scan of all your drives
  • Native system security module
  • Daily database update
  • Program Performance Optimization Settings
  • A small list of additional utilities for removing malware manually
  • Multilingualism, including Russian
  • Collaboration with other similar programs (Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, etc.)
  • Simple user interface
  • Command line support
  • Context menu integration for on-demand scan

What’s New:

  • Improved detection and remediation
  • Removed default monthly Scheduled Scan in Free mode
  • Updated the installer to allow installation to standalone Business mode when certain conditions are met
  • Fixed BSOD involving farflt.sys
  • Fix issue with exclusion involving short filenames
  • Fixed issue where Real-Time Protection did not enable properly
  • Addressed other miscellaneous defects

How To Activate:

  1. Download.
  2. Install program.
  3. Copy keys from bellow.
  4. Paste it to program.
  5. That’s all.
  6. Enjoy !

Malwarebytes 4.2.0 License Key


Malwarebytes License Key Premium


Malwarebytes Premium License Key


Malwarebytes 4.2.0

Malwarebytes 4.2.0

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